Without the generosity of key supporters and donations of materials from the public, this project would not have hatched!

MacMahon Construction provided the bulk of nest-box material (multiple sheets of 18 mm form-ply) at the completion of their Roe Highway Interchange project when the project began in 2011. Thanks to the environmental staff, particularly Joanna Kiddie, for their enthusiasm to become involved.

Mundaring Hardware kindly donated a range of tools at the project's initiation, and provides ongoing discounts for screws, nails and hinges which keep operating costs to a minimum. This is a great example of a local business supporting a local project resulting in successful community engagement and positive environmental and educational outcomes. If you live in Mundaring, please support this fantastic local business.

If you would like to become a key supporter, please email.

Donate Materials

Ongoing donations have allowed the project to continue for over a decade. Below is a list of materials that are always required. If you have any waste timber or metal, hardware or tools you wish to dispose of and are willing to donate, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Please help us put your waste to good use!

We are especially keen to receive the following key materials for nest box construction and installation:

  • second-hand, outdoor, water-based paint
  • screws and hinges (preferably Phillips head)
  • aluminium angle
  • multi-strand, galvanised 'clothesline' wire
  • chain (with links ~10-15 mm in diameter)
  • old garden hose
  • hollow limbs (not to be taken from bushland!)

Please email us at email if you are able to supply any of these materials.