Order a Nest-box

Would you like to order pre-made nest-boxes for your backyard, school or community reserve? Our nest-boxes are unique, long-lasting (~10 years+), feral-bee resistant and function just like real tree hollows! But they are only needed in areas that lack old, hollow-bearing trees, so our professional ecological approach will ensure we make the right recommendations for every inquiry.
The first step is to assess the location you have in mind for the presence of 'artificial' trees-hollows. We are happy to help by sending a professional ecologist to your location (for a fee). But it is more helpful if we can see photos and know a location (e.g. suburb) to help gauge the nature of your area and make recommendations. In cases where nest-boxes are the right option, we can then discuss box types, prices, and put together a quote.

Once you have considered these important steps. Please check our price list here, and email us with your inquiry!