About the Project

The Re-Cyc-Ology Project is an environmental education workshop inspired by the loss of tree-hollows, the urgent need to protect remaining wildlife habitat, and the growing amount of human waste (landfill) entering our ecosystems. The project title combines the dictionary definitions of three simple words:

     recycle |rēˈsīkəl|
     verb [ trans. ]
     convert (waste) into reusable material
     [as adj. ] ( recycled) goods made of recycled materials.
     [as n. ] ( recycling) a call for the recycling of all paper.

     psychology |sīˈkäləjē|
     the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, esp. those affecting behaviour in a given context.

     ecology |iˈkäləjē|
     the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.
     • (also human ecology) the study of the interaction of people with their environment.

The combination of these definitions results in the project's definition and overall aim:

"To effect positive change in human thinking and behaviour by encouraging the recycling of waste materials to create wildlife habitat, stimulate engagement with the environment and understanding of ecology, and showcase in a positive light a practical, sustainable and fun solution to environmental issues."

For more information about the workshop format, including costs, download the information sheet here.

A female Ngolyenok / Carnaby's Cockatoo using a nest box in Noongar Country's Perth Hills.